Aldus's diary

15 Jan 2005

I have to say thank you in person to Mr Sean Guy from the UK. He is an auction winner of my listing on ebay, I have just sent them the bodies he won, but he already introduced this site to many of his buddies and I have really quite a lot of feed backs these days. I'd really appreciate what he did, and wish he'll enjoy those shells I painted.

12 Jan 2005

Really long time no update. These days are very busy on painting bodies (certainly), and you can see this times big update. I m really working hard....

27 April 2004

It is quite upset seeing other people copy my designs... I am thinking of give up design and painting for the oversea market... since it is very risky to let others see my design, even I have an headlight THAT special and difficult to copy, then they decided not to copy the headlight detail, coward.... The only method to against this is to get our bodies host at other's shop oversea (I mean places other then HK).

In fact, I don't mind someone copy my design for their own use, but I beg that DON'T copy my design to get paid!! It is somewhat like a thief!! And buyers, please stop purchasing from these painters, it will end up with nobody wanna design anymore.

I sometimes copy others design in the very beginning of my works, but I have no longer copy after the first time my very own design being copy by some get paid painter. I was mad, but I can do nothing, someone have a lower price (certainly, they use no brain), or better location (most people think that order stuffs oversea is a nightmare), then they got the deal. But I m not Microsoft, I can't mass produce my products. So if you still want to see designs that makes you "WOW", please stop purchasing priate paint jobs.

25 April 2004

I might have a chance visiting Japan in the coming Oct, looking forward to the day......

12 April 2004

Masami won that race.... subarashi! If he is going to your town to race, remember to watch his run.

10 April 2004

Masami is coming to town! He and Hatachi (hope I spell his name right, I am talking about the other driver from Yokomo) is going to have a race in HK! Hope I can have some photos later.

16 March 2004

I have had my driving license test this morning... May be you'll think it is ridiculous, but in fact that is not a big deal without a driving license in Hong Kong. I am already 28 now, but my first driving test was when I am 20.... already 8 years ago..... finally I have my license!

24 Feb 2004

The HPI Pro4 was in stock in HK, not very expansive, I am quite interesting on it....

5 Feb 2004

I have got another paint brush... this is the 4th one... I have one Sparmax 0.25mm nozzle airbrush, Tamiya Spray work brush, Testor GP100. This one is a Badger, only a low end airbrush, for painting large area.

28 Jan 2004

Have already check with my "red pocket money", around USD200 in total... decreasing every year....

22 Jan 2004

Today is the Chinese New Year... I should have a week of day off, but seems I am not allow to do so, quite a lot of work to be done...

1 Jan 2004

Happy New Year!!

12 Dec 2003

After a year from my only dog's death, I decided to "adopt" (in fact, from a pet shop) another puppy... CUTE!!!! But very very naughty..... check it's photo here.

18 Oct 2003

Have been back from Seoul for a few days... My only feeling towards Seoul is: I don't like it.... I can't find a local track there... only one hobby shop. Moreover, RC products there were a bit more expansive then HK. But the Soraksan is a very nice place, no matter the environment, the hot springs, or the view, is nearly perfect, except the hotel............