Site news:

14 Oct 2006: New painted shells is on sale now, 3 shells this time, please check it here.

18 Aug 2006: New painted shell was sold, please check around later for another. I'll put 2~3 new painted shells here in a month.

05 June 2006: New painted shell is on sale now, please check it here.

25 May 2005: Please read carefully the shipping terms has been updated. Under the price page, section "Shipping and handling information".

18 May 2005: Our online shop is up and testing, please visit and see if you can get something you want?

7 May 2005: Other painted bodies for sale is now on! Check it out quick!

4 Feb 2005: The first painted body for sale was sold. I'll put another there ASAP. Please look forward to it.

15 Jan 2005: The first painted body for sale is now on-sale! Check it out!

10 Jan 2005: Big update on the gallery section, please enjoy the photos. And some update on the price section, there will be some revise on the price. Remember to check it out if you decided to order a body.

14 Aug 2004: I have been to Japan at June and really very busy on painting bodies so I haven't got much time to update this site. For our latest works, please visit

28 April 2004: Updated the "Diary" section, must see!!

27 April 2004: Besides Thierry Rosado from Paris, we have another team driver joined, Micheal Patterson, a qualified driver in the 2004 IFMAR 1/10-Scale On-Road World Championships. We will have a team driver section later and will have photos and bios of our drivers, please look forward to it.

18 April 2004: New site banner, looks good?

10 April 2004: Besides sponsored driver, we also seeking for some foreign dealers. Will sure get a better deal then retail, wholesale lot only starts at 10 bodies (certainly, if you think purchasing 10 bodies in a single order is OK for you, we can also make a dealer terms to you). You can choose up to 3 schemes in each lot. Interested parties, please contact

18 Mar 2004: Long time no update.... have quite a lot of new photos in the "Gallery" section and the new "Diary" and "Headlights" section, have fun! (but the Tips and tricks is still empty...... We are really working on it!! Trust me!)

15 Mar 2004: New headlight design on Mazda 6 and Chrysler 300M, check it out.

1 Jan 2004: Happy new year and in fact we are still looking for drivers. Not full sponsor or salary base but terms will be quite attractive. If you are in California, Japan, Malaysia, Italy, UK, or Korea, can write and read English or Chinese (you sure have to communicate with us), and are interesting to be sponsor with RC custom painted bodies, please email us to, with your own resume (please at least tell me your RC experience, recent title, other sponsors, etc). Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

12 Nov 2003: All matched cells have been sold. We don't have any idea when will be the new batch be arrive.

4 Oct 2003: Aldus is going to Korea, will have some diary and good RC stuff to introduce to you after 15 Oct 2003.

3 Oct 2003: A new batch of batteries have come to us. We are now working on them and will soon be available to public. We'll publish all the readings on each cells for you to choose your best fit pack.

29 Sept 2003: Our new head light design for Alfa Romeo 156 / 156 2.0 / 156 2.1 and Dodge Stratus 2.0 / 2.1.

25 Aug 2003: New photos updated

20 Aug 2003: Site moved to a new URL and hosting

17 Aug 2003: Our driver Thierry Rosado from Pairs came 2nd in the "European Championship over 40 in Italy", check photos.

05 June 2003: Site renovated.

04 June 2003: Our body have been proudly published on a French RC magazine. For details, please click here.

Welcome to the world of RC body Arts!

We are body painters from Hong Kong and see if you can find a painting scheme suit your driving style!

Please use the netvigation bar on the left to browse though our web.

REMEMBER to check the news section! You may find some surprise there!

The "Gallery" will have a lot of samples for you to check. Unfortunately, we are not very good at photo taking, so you may not be able to see the real fantasy of our racing bodies, unless you purchase one from us. :)

Want to order but have no idea on how to do so? Please check the "Price" page and there have all information you'll have to know. Still have question? Contact us then.

Because we are players as well, we'll have a lot of pre-owned stuffs. Sure, we have new items to sell too. Check the "On Sale" page to see more.

Want to paint your own body? Lets check the "Tips" page. (Still under construction, will be available on September, hopefully)


Q: Why should I pay that much for you to paint a body for me?

A: If you are a serious racer, I suggest you to have your own design for 2 reason, 1, you'll look more professional if you have a nice CUSTOM painted body, 2, everyone on the track may recognize your car later. Moreover, a good paint job also provide some function, 1,you can recognize whether the front or the rear of the car in a long distance, 2, you can see the car clearly, 3, let other drivers see your car clearly. A good looking and eye catching body will save you a lot of money for spare parts and much time for repairing the car!


Q: How come you charge that much on shipping?

A: We've told that in the first paragraph: we are from HK. Moreover, all our finished racing bodies will be packed with a car box, that's hard enough to protect the body from the careless of the postmen. The box itself worth USD5, you can keep it and use it for taking your car else where. So actually you'll only pay USD14 for the first body. If you want the shipping cost to be lower, buy 2~3 bodies a time, ask your friends to share with you would be a good idea.


Q: Why the paint job take that long?

A: To maintain the quality, all of our bodies are process by hand, we don't use pre-cut paint mask, and sometimes some products can not pass the quality assurance, so it have to be start over with a new body. 10 days period usually including the buffer on rejecting the product and repaint. Moreover, sometimes the paint job will affected by the weather. Hong Kong is a place with high relative humility, that will make the paint takes longer to be completely dries up.


Q: How come the paint job so costly?

A: I said, all bodies was made by hand, every body need around 8 working hour by a skill labor to be finish. How can we do it cheap?? Besides, our charge is already quite low comparatively, since you have to pay quite a lot on shipping cost, so we have to slightly lower the price on paint job.

Q: How can I make the payment?

A: I can tell you basically, we accept Paypal and ikobo, both channel accept credit cards. Depends on your location, you can choose your right method to complete your purchasing. We have different prices on the bodies and paint jobs, but the price information on the price section are talking about payment by Paypal. If you are in the Malaysia or somewhere can't use Paypal, please contact and we'll have the right solution for you.