Body pricing:

Protoform 1/10 touring body 190mm or 200mm @USD18

HPI, Yokomo (excluded Drift bodies), Atlas, Ride, Kawahara, Rayspeed, 1/10 touring / VDS body 190mm or 200mm @USD26

Yokomo "Drift" body @USD40

Tamiya B4 1/10 touring body 190mm @USD26

Tamiya other 1/10 touring bodies 190mm or 200mm @USD40

Protoform 1/12 on-road body, regular or light weight @USD15

Others please ask for quote.

Paint job Pricing:

USD10 for single color, headlight, brakelight and window frame.

USD45 for those styles shown on the gallery,

USD55 for those syles shown on the gallery inside the "special edition" edition.

USD60 for a custom design graphic, which will start the paint job only after the approval of the design.

USD80 for a custom design graphic, which will start the paint job only after the approval of the design. This option will ensure you get the one and only scheme by Aldus Design. The scheme sold to the buyer will only replicate to the same person (or group), and will ship only to the same destination on each additional order.

For custom design graphic order, we'll email you with a drawing which look like this:

click to see the picture.

USD7 surcharge for special effects like the Parma faskpowder, glitter on the body.

USD10 surcharge for special chrome effect, to replace the sliver color (except the window frame) on any scheme

Order for more then one body with the same style will have special discount, please let us have the quantity and we'll quote.

All painting have included the painted headlight, brakelight and window frame, our own style if have no further comment on it. The headlight and the front grill style was more likely to be the signature of a body painter.

All rear spoilers will be painted black, and window flame will be painted sliver if no further comment. If you want a different color (color, not something like graphit look decals. If so, we can sell one to you), please tell us before you make your payment.

Shipping and handling information:

Shipping cost to USA, Canada, Europe and Middle east will be USD18 for a single body, then USD2 more for each additional body. Shipping cost including a car box made by "Speed Mind", "Team Atlas" or "RClab", you can use it for taking your car else where, worth USD5 for each; you'll love it.

Other region, please feel free to ask for a quotation.


NOTE: We now offer a shipping insurance for all our stuffs, including merchadise in our shop and painted bodies. The insurance charge will be optional, USD5 for each USD200. Please feel free to contact for more information.

For shipping terms, All items including painted bodies, we will only take responsibility for sending them to our local post office, and will provide tracking information upon request. For damage or lost, we will help to file claims for insurance, and refund the amount after we get the claims. It usually takes some time. If you decided not to have the insurance option, we'll then take no responsibility for the lost or damage. So postal insurance is highly recommended. Actually postal lost or damage are really rare, but there is still a risk.

Payment method:

We can accept Paypal and ikobo. Or you can suggest your own, we'll try our best to fulfill your request.

Our Paypal account is "", ikobo account is "", with account number LA187375HK.

About paint job time:

Usually all paint job takes 20-30 days after confirmation of the design or the style. We'll start to paint the body or email you the design ONLY after we have the payment received. Paint job will be delay somehow in the spring and summer period since the high RH will affect the finishing of the paint. We'll only paint the bodies when in good weather to avoid faults.

If order in bulk, the paint job will need more time to finish as they're all done by hand and NO even a pre-cut paint mask. Please ask for exact time needed.

Urgent orders (done within 3 days) can also be done with a USD10 additional charge each, money is powerful and can speed up not only your RC car, but buyer may need to pay next day shipping cost, usually arround USD80 for 1kg, or a cheaper option, the EMS (express mail service), usually arrive in 2 days, arround USD30 for 1 kg (arround the weight of 1 body with car box).