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1. "Speed Mind" titanium screw

Hex-socket titanium screw

USD 7.00
2. "Shooters" Light weight stainless steel screw Hex-socket stainless steel screw USD 4.00
3. "Sorex" tires 24mm sedan slicks tires, 2pcs/pack

USD 12.95

4. "Speed mind" wheels 24mm sedan wheels, white, dish type, 8pcs/pack

USD 11.95

5. "Aldus Racing" Matched pack (Sold out) 6 cell, zapped, loose packs.

USD 52.95

6. "Speed Mind" Wrenches

.050", .063", .078", 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm.

@USD 8.95